Hello and welcome!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Claire and I am a coach and coach skills trainer (and closet folk musician) based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My desire is to help people live healthy, empowered, and fulfilled lives, as they take the lead in their life and work.

I work both in my hometown and globally through the wonderful interwebs. I am a native English & Dutch speaker, so if you prefer Dutch just shoot me a message and I can vertel you all about my work in het Nederlands.

I imagine you may be seeking clarity on your sense of purpose or direction, more confidence, more rest and less stress, to do the work you love, engage with what and who matter most, get stuff done, experience joy, feel seen and connected, and somehow contribute to a better world!

Or you may be in a position of influence and looking for ways to grow so you can see positive transformation and growth in the lives of those you lead as you get great work done together.

If your answer is yes to any of the above, read on!



live & work on purpose

As a coach I am committed to seeing you come alive as you live and work 'on purpose': (re)discover what you are made of, what matters, what you are called to, and grow in the courage and resilience to live that out.

Life is an improvisational art where change is a constant and the unexpected should be expected.

My desire is to see you thrive instead of survive. I come alongside, helping you take care and take the lead in composing a life and work that expresses who you are and what you stand for. 

I work with people desiring change or going through major life or career transitions. The coaching can zoom in on career-crafting, improved work-life balance, personal growth, and truly living in such a way that helps you show up and share what you have to offer with the world.


lead on purpose

My second passion is to equip purpose-driven influencers to cultivate greater connection and generate growth. 

These days strong listening, connection, empathy, and communication skills are essential in the workplace for leaders, managers, consultants, and entrepreneurs, and incredibly beneficial at home for parents, friends, and partners.

How could you increase your impact through improved listening and communication with those you work with and for?

How would you like to contribute to the lives of those you lead or influence?

Through coach skills training, workshops, and leadership coaching, I provide tools to bring about positive transformation through the way you lead and encourage growth in others.

I like to think of men and women as artists of their own lives, working with what comes to hand through accident or talent, to compose and recompose a pattern in time that expresses who they are and what they believe in, making meaning even as they are studying and working and raising children, creating and recreating themselves.
~ Mary Catherine Bateson

Work with me


My main offerings are  3-month one-on-one or group 'on purpose' coaching focused on gaining more clarity, confidence, and direction in your life and work. 

I also offer tailored packages if you want to zoom in on specific life or work goals, such as work-life balance, greater self-awareness, engaging your creativity, or navigating a major transition such as a change of life phase or a cross-cultural move.


I offer online or in-person coach skills training and leadership coaching for purpose-driven influencers working to make a positive impact in other’s lives. 

These offerings equip you with coaching skills and interpersonal tools that improve your ability to cultivate connection and generate growth. 

About Me

I’m a creative and compassionate Irish (and kind of Dutch) thirty-something-year-old based in a cosy attic apartment in the heart of Amsterdam with my kind and silly husband, Nate.

I worked in social justice and international development helping empower women and children for over 10 years before transitioning to the entrepreneurial coach life.

From the moment I completed my coach training, I was hooked. I have been an accredited ACC coach with the International Coach Federation since 2013 and have added specialisations in career, transition, leadership development, and strength-based coaching.

I love the opportunities coaching and training affords me to come alongside people, hear their stories, and see them ‘walk their why’ in the tiny and larger schemes of life.


discovery session

If you have questions, thoughts, or you're interested in working with me, get in touch and book a discovery session!

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