I'm Claire. I’m a creative and compassionate Irish (and kind of Dutch) thirty-something-year-old based in a cosy attic apartment in the heart of Amsterdam and moving to Seattle in Oct 2019 with my kind and silly husband, Nate.




my coaching journey

I have worked in international development for government agencies, non-profits, and social enterprise in Europe and Africa for over ten years. After returning from two years in Mozambique in 2011, I found myself job hunting in an extremely competitive market, questioning who I was, what I was passionate about, and whether I was really getting to ‘be me'. I knew I wanted to contribute meaningfully, be more creative in my work, and find some peace amongst the craziness of life.

After receiving career coaching where I was challenged to dream big, dig deep, consider the areas where I naturally flourish, and jump out of my comfort zone, I discovered I desired to be in closer contact with people, also helping them grow, develop, and flourish.


icf certified coach


From the moment I completed my coaching training, I was hooked. I have been an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation since 2013. Through additional training I have added specialisations in career, transition, leadership development, strength-based, and narrative coaching. 

In recent years I have also discovered a love of teaching and training people to use coach skills to empower others in their context, especially if I get to incorporate lots of creativity and play in the process!

I love the opportunities coaching affords me to come alongside others, hear their stories, and be a part of their journey towards greater well-being and growth. I am passionate about enabling people, women in particular, to compose a life that embraces who they are and allows them to live and work in line with their strengths and values. I firmly believe that when we are rooted in these foundations, we also have more to give. We can live and love well.

I still highly value empowering those who have suffered injustice or live in scarcity, and the colleagues and organisations working in this area. The last few years I worked with Not For Sale, which creates social enterprises to support human trafficking survivors through training, coaching, and a pathway to self-sustaining work in Amsterdam (I still miss my regular dose of Dignita deliciousness and encourage you to go eat very well and do good). I currently consult on a part-time basis with Fair Wear Foundation and Oikocredit, and am open to developing new partnerships with non-profits or individuals in the future.


For those who like lists...

  • have a big green bicycle bell, which I frequently employ as I traverse the city.

  • grew up bilingual, a helpful launchpad to language learning.

  • could be called a third culture kid, unclear on where I am ‘really’ from, but call many places home. My accent confuses people.

  • have worked and studied in several countries in Europe, Africa, and Latin-America.

  • am a curious learner and hold a BA in Communications with Minor in Psychology, an MA in Interpreting & Translation, and and MSc in International Development.

  • swimming in the sea or just dipping my toes in

  • big dinner parties and speed charades

  • the feeling after running

  • koffie verkeerd and English breakfast tea (with milk)

  • singing folkish songs

  • poetry & podcasts

  • being in the forest

  • and the colour green.


My Core Values

These are the values I endeavour to weave throughout my life and work. 


To inhabit a posture of compassion and care towards others and towards yourself. This is the only sustainable healthy way to move the needle in the long-term.


We are made to be in community, in relationship with one another. By building one another up we all win. Collaboration over competition. Better together.


We are creative beings, each with a unique owner’s manual, toolbox, and fingerprint. Explore and harness that wonder-filled creativity that is in you!


Explore explore explore! My joy and occasionally my downfall (so many sparkly objects). I love learning and discovering new ideas, new stories, new friends, new songs, and new places.


I want to be brave and live close to the ‘cor’, the heart of my matter and help you stay close to yours. This requires quite a bit of vulnerability and daring, a willingness to fail and learn, best done in the company of other courageous souls.


My Inspiration

There are so many wonderful and ridiculously wise people in this world. Here are a few links to talks, poems, articles, and books that have inspired and informed my work and people who still provide guiding lights on my journey as I develop as a coach, trainer, and human being.

Books & Podcasts

I have to start with Brene Brown, especially her books Daring Greatly and the Gifts of Imperfection are so rich in learning about vulnerability, authenticity, and courage. You've probably already seen her TED talk, but you should probably watch it again.

Susan David's book Emotional Agility. Ideas on taking the reigns and walking your why, instead of life 'living you'. Here's a podcast link to her discussing all that wisdom with Rob Bell.

Tara Mohr's book Playing Big. This book has inspired many of the daring elements of my coaching: encouraging women to play big in their way. Here's a podcast link to her discussing it with the Being Boss ladies.

Simon Sinek has some smart things to say about inspirational leadership and asking why? in this TED talk.

Greg McKeown's book Essentialism. Here's a podcast link where he discusses the book with Michael Hyatt (who is also a coach and productivity smarty pants if you're looking for those resources).

Krista Tippett, one of my favourites ever. Her On Being podcast and Becoming Wise book are filled with wisdom and inspiration on life and faith and all the things.



David Whyte. An invitation to look around, and ease into the conversation: "Everything is waiting for you"

"Your great mistake is to act the drama
as if you were alone. As if life
were a progressive and cunning crime
with no witness to the tiny hidden
transgressions. To feel abandoned is to deny
the intimacy of your surroundings..."

Mary Oliver"The Journey" is a helpful emotional but necessary sucker punch.

"One day you finally knew,
what you had to do, and began
though the voices around you kept shouting

their bad advice..."

Wendell Berry. One of my favourites: "The Wild Geese".

as in love or sleep, holds
them to their way, clear,
in the ancient faith: what we need
is here."

John O'Donohue. "Beannacht", a blessing of beauty for the difficult days.

"On the day when
The weight deadens
On your shoulders
And you stumble,
May the clay dance
To balance you..."


Dutch Connections

Lady bosses in the Netherlands who have been a great inspiration to me in building my business:

Emmy McCarthy the ever curious and creative small business and systems woman of wisdom.

Hannah Huber founder of SPARK, a place for female business owners to connect, grow, and inspire one another.

If you are a female entrepreneur in Amsterdam you must look them up right now!