Are you feeling a little stuck or lost?
Do you need space to gain clarity and focus?
Are you looking for encouragement and support to move towards your true goals?

Regardless of where you are at right now, one thing I know to be true:

You matter and your imprint on this world matters!

We often feel we should be able to figure it all out by ourselves. Yet we get caught in the noise of what others think, obey a lot of 'should's', or become paralysed by a myriad of inner and outer expectations. Worst of all, we tend to lose sight of ourselves in the process.

My mission is to help you turn down the noise, regain perspective, and take the lead in your life and work.

I help you craft the discovery of what living on purpose looks like for you in your context. We work to see transformation happen inside and out. 

By going on this journey together, I believe you’ll go deeper and wider, move forward faster, and experience a safe haven for playful exploration along the way!



My Coaching Style

To the wide open spaces

Imagine an open beach on a clear day. My aim as a coach is to go with you to the uncluttered wide open spaces. Be still, blow out the cobwebs, be compassionate with yourself, and freely explore what is in and out there.

Coaching is a peer-to-peer relationship where you are encouraged to reflect, focus, discover, and take action. You are the expert on you and I come alongside you to work towards your desired future outcome.


Strength-based, inside-out

I take a strength-based, inside-out approach. We do acknowledge and navigate the inner and outer barriers to moving forward, but emphasise drawing out and building on who you are, what is good, and what is working. Together we seek out opportunities and possibilities that fit you and your context.

I will be your sounding board, comfy couch, occasionally confronting mirror, fellow strategist, and cheerleader who provides the framework, encouragement, and accountability for you to do the necessary work.

Take the lead

Yes YOU are a leader! As a business owner, employee, volunteer, parent, partner, friend, and simply as a human being you have a large dose of positive influencing potential over your own life and the lives of others. It is time to take the lead in composing your life and work, including your response to that which is beyond your control.

This can be daunting, but it is so much easier to do once you are clear on who you are and what you are about, plus a few tools in your back pocket to stop the gremlins taking the wheel.


One step at a time

The small steps matter. 

I have found that the way to make sustainable transformation happen is usually not in the large gesture. It is in the small yet significant choices, the rhythms, the ripples of every day: one intentional step at a time. We build momentum by breaking down the big goals into manageable steps and following through.

How we spend our days, is after all, how we spend our lives
— Annie Dillard


The On Purpose Model


In six years of coaching individuals on life & career transitions, creative entrepreneurship, and social justice work, I've seen the same foundational questions come up related to knowing our purpose in the here and now, daring to live it out, and being intentional about how we do it

Sometimes we want change and other times we are thrust into it involuntarily. Either way, this can be a time of uncertainty and shake our confidence, as we leave what we know behind and move toward the unknown. In this process we seek clarity, confidence, and direction.

I have created the On Purpose Model as a way of addressing these key areas: 


Your Being:

Clarity on who you are and how you want to be: your foundations, your strengths, your dreams, your sense of purpose and desired contribution.
What is your why?

Your Daring:

Courage and confidence to live and work in a way that aligns with who you are. Daring to pursue your goals and focus on what matters most, while being compassionate with yourself and others in the process.
Dare to walk your why.

Your Doing:

Focus and follow-through. Develop fitting strategies that enable you to reach your goals. Compose ways to live and work 'on purpose' in your specific context.
How will you live your why?

This model forms the basis of our work together. As each person is unique and at different points in their journey, each coach trajectory can be tailored to your specific needs, focusing on the areas most relevant to you.

one-on-one coaching

I offer my signature On Purpose 3-month coaching package online or in-person, focused on clarity, confidence, and direction in your life and career.

Pure 1-, 3-, or 6-month coaching packages are also available tailored to your specific career, creative, or life goal or to support you while you navigate transition.


Pop-up Groups are created around a special topic, book, or for a group upon request.


Some words from the wonderful people I have worked with:



“[Claire] was able to challenge and inspire me to the next level….

Claire’s coaching style is warm, insightful, and driven – She was able to challenge and inspire me to the next level in my writing and career search. New insights and ideas often came to the surface during our sessions that I hadn’t anticipated. She also brought in several effective and timely tools and exercises which were helpful in discovering characteristics about myself previously hidden. I always left our coaching sessions feeling more encouraged and motivated.”


“She formed the structure of my exploration and because of this I could go deeper.

Claire helped me with the planning of my wedding as well as with my professional development through a first job. Claire is a very warm presence in coaching and gave me the feeling I could lean into her while I was discovering my own thoughts. She formed the structure of my exploration and because of this I could go deeper. With her help I was able to formulate what I wanted to reach and how I wanted to do that. Through this process I gained insight into my own work which in turn made me more aware of it and improved it.”


"I like how Claire always had new ideas and exercises to get me to approach my thought process in a different way and shed new light on things.

I have done both group coaching and individual coaching with Claire and both have been very helpful. When making big life decisions (and smaller ones) it always astounded me how Claire knew how to ask just the right questions to get me to the core of my questions and from there to the right answers for me.

I like how gentle she is and how I never felt pushed in a certain direction but she still managed to assist me in making up my own mind and find useful tools to achieve my goals."


Patricia van Engelen

"What a relief! Claire’s coaching helped me complete a daunting goal.

With her gentle mix of insightful questions and grace-filled encouragement, I was able to engage and stay motivated on a project I had been putting off for ages.

Having Claire as a coach is like having a friend alongside you as you walk a challenging road — a friend who listens deeply, provides practical help, and cheers you on your way — giving you the confidence to take your next step!"  

Erin van Santen-Hobbie

"Claire Buswell is as smart as they come. Her coaching helped me give words and context to my tangled thoughts, and I left every session inspired and energised with the tools she gave.

I've been privileged to have Claire for both one-on-one coaching as well as in group coaching. If you want to get a grasp on where you are at in your life and career, and feel ready to take the next big step forward, then Claire's your woman."

Anna Hill

"My time with Claire gave me permission to move into what I had dreamed of and now that there is clarity, I feel in control and at peace with how my working weeks are taking shape and developing.

Claire is a warm, gentle and perceptive person. In our first 1:1 session, I remember sharing with her that I had a picture in my head of what my working life was like but it was out of focus. By the end of my time with her, I could not only see all the detail but I also had a mission statement to go with it!" 




"Coaching with Claire was an opportunity for me to step back and see the big picture in my personal life.

The sessions helped me to more clearly identify my priorities in life as well as my strengths, which is a really worthwhile investment for anyone at a time of transition or change in life. I moved away from the Netherlands shortly after starting coaching, so I did the majority of the sessions via Skype, which worked really well. Claire was flexible and helpful, and made the sessions really enjoyable!"


"Sometimes you need someone who can mirror what is already in you but what you cannot see yet... 

Claire is that person. I can highly recommend her for coaching people through transitions!"


“Getting coached by Claire was exactly what I needed at a crucial time in my life.

I’m a verbal processor, and to have someone ask me the right questions and then talk through them helped me in making some huge decisions. She raises questions no one really asks, and they got my mind moving. Truly, it was such a blessing.”



"Claire has really helped me live my life in a different (and better) way.

When I met Claire, I was particularly unhappy at work, and this was starting to affect other aspects of my life. I decided to join her "Word of the Year" group coaching sessions once a month (using the “An Illuminated Life” workbook as a basis).

Thanks to her gentle guidance, tips, tools, as well as the support from the other group members, I have managed to better deal with work, focus on my priorities in life, and allow more time for the things that matter to me."




“She helped me pin point steps to achieving [my dreams].

I came to Claire feeling stuck and like I was always running behind. I needed to figure some things out. I was able to come to her with frustrations of my job or stresses of my finances or just where I was at with my dreams and achieving them. She helped me pin point steps to achieving those things.

I was working a job I didn’t like, studying a new language and just getting used to life in a new city. Claire helped me change those things and now my new job has all the characteristics in it that through coaching with her I learned that I desire.”


"Coaching helped me pin down my priorities, and explore creative possibilities to make life more full and intentional.

Claire is wonderfully encouraging, a delight and lots of fun to be coached by. She is also very thorough and focused on achieving the desired outcome with great results. 

I had 1:1 coaching with Claire for both professional and personal purposes on different occasions. I made a very positive career move as a result of the professional coaching. The success of this was directly related to the series of coaching.

Personally, Claire has coached me with a cross-cultural focus, looking at the issue of cultural identity as Claire is/was a fellow 'third culture kid' like me."