The Practical


Depending on your goals and coach focus, I offer tailored On Purpose or Pure coach packages. Coaching is meant to serve your needs and goals, so once you have selected a package this can be further customised to fit your journey.

Coaching conversations can be conducted in English or Dutch. Online or in-person in Seattle (WA), USA, from October 2019 onwards.

I encourage you to get in touch for a free 30-minute discovery session to talk through your coaching needs, which package could be most suitable for you, and see if we are a good fit. It is important to experience a good connection and sense of trust for the coaching process to work.



On Purpose Coaching

On Purpose coaching is for you if you are seeking clarity, direction, and follow-through in terms of your career and/or broader life. The focus is on three core elements:


Your Being:

Gain clarity & alignment in the foundations of who you are and what you are about: We examine your values, strengths, dreams, and priorities and seek to align these with your life & work.
Discover your why.

Your Daring:

Gain courage & confidence: We examine what holds you back and what could propel you forward - which mindsets and tools will help you dare to be yourself and build resilience.
Dare to walk your why.

Your Doing:

Gain focus & follow-through: We identify the strategies, and actions that will help you move forward. This could involve habit development, time and priority management, and accountability to follow-through on goals.
Live your why.

If career-change related, this would involve creating and carrying out an action plan to explore and engage in (new) career opportunities.


On Purpose 3-Month Package

  • A bespoke On Purpose trajectory is created based on your needs and goals identified in the first session.

  • 4 x 90-minute and 4 x 60-minute session.

  • Assignments between each session to prepare and follow-up.

  • Email contact for feedback and accountability between sessions.

  • Price: €1250



Pure Coaching

This is for you if you want to work towards a specific life or work goal and have a coach come alongside to help clarify priorities, draw out possibilities, become more self-aware, create effective action steps, and provide momentum through encouragement and accountability.

Main areas I have worked on with clients over the years include:

  • Improved work-life balance and prioritisation of what is important.

  • Moving towards next steps in career growth and development.

  • Exploring lifestyle and habit change for greater well-being.

  • Less stress and more peace & energy.

  • Greater self-awareness and empowerment to be your authentic self in the world.

  • Creative goals like writing a book, singer-songwriting, or starting a creative side-hustle.

  • Working through tough life decisions or relational challenges.

  • Navigating and finding peace in times of change and transition.

Pure 1-3-6-Month Package

The longer we work together, the more space there is for sustainable habit development and deeper lifestyle change. However, if you want a quick boost to focus and move toward a goal the 1-month option of 3 weekly sessions may be for you.

  • Based on insights within each session, we create tailored action steps to help you move forward.

  • When applicable I may provide extra tools or exercises for you to do during or in between sessions.

  • Email contact for feedback and accountability between sessions.


  • 3 x 60-minute session

  • Price: €375


  • 6 x 60-minute session

  • Price: €750


  • 10 x 60-minute session

  • Price: €1250

Payments can also be done in monthly instalments.

Monthly Check-in

  • Clients often like to add this after completing one of the above packages to stay accountable to moving towards their goals and continue to grow and learn.

  • Sessions can be scheduled for 1 or 2 times per month depending on your needs.

  • Price: €125 per session.