Coach Skills Training



These days strong listening and communication skills are essential in the workplace for leaders, consultants, and entrepreneurs, and incredibly beneficial at home for parents, partners, and friends.

Coach skills are invaluable tools for those desiring to have a positive impact on others’ lives. They have significantly benefited me in life and business, not only as a professional coach, but also in my various roles as creative service-based entrepreneur, social impact professional, community leader, friend, and partner.

This training equips you with the coaching mindset and skills to improve your ability to:

  • Cultivate Connection: built trust, safety, and presence
  • Motivate People: tune into their need and desire
  • Generate Solutions: draw out rather than impose
  • Stimulate Growth: identify opportunities for lesson-learning
  • Build Momentum: celebrate wins and track progress
  • and Reach Goals: see growth happen sustainably over time.

This is not a path towards becoming a professional coach, but a way of integrating coach skills to support and enhance the work you are doing. The content covers several of the Core Competencies employed by professional coaches as set out by the International Coach Federation.


Creative entrepreneurs and consultants offering service-based solutions who want to improve their ability to communicate, connect, and generate growth with clients.

The training focuses on interpersonal skills that help you build trust, gain greater clarity on your client's needs and context, and ways of working together - resulting in more effective successful partnerships. 

Managers, leaders, and social impact professionals  in a position of influence wanting to improve their abilities to connect with and empower those they work with - both internally with colleagues in your organisation and externally with stakeholders.

These skills generate both empowered workplaces and greater social impact through better internal working relationships and genuinely involving those you aim to support in the design and growth of the work.

'Positive influencers': I encourage anyone interested in building up their interpersonal (coach) skill set to inquire and see if this training could be a fit for you.

The coaching mindset and tools are incredibly useful for any realm of connection and positive growth of others, be it mentoring, friendship, parenting, or romantic partnership!


Upcoming Training Joy:

Dates and rates for 2018 to be confirmed. I will host several Coach Skills Workshops in-person in the centre of Amsterdam and online  - combined with four online Coach Skills in Context sessions to ensure you consolidate the learning from the workshop and integrate using the new skills in your context. Sign up below to receive updates on future schedule workshops.


Dates for 2018 to be confirmed. 

Online or In-person in the Netherlands

The workshop taps into different learning styles, and uses dynamic methods to interact with the theory and practice of coaching. Key areas of focus include:

  1. Coaching presence that builds trust.
  2. Active listening that fosters connection.
  3. Asking powerful questions that encourage greater awareness.
  4. Positive reinforcement that inspires confidence.
  5. Effective follow-up that ensures follow-through.
  6. Generating feedback that facilitates growth.

coach skills in context

Dates for 2018 to be confirmed.

Online using Zoom

The 4-part series consolidates learning from the workshop and draws out insights and challenges as you use coach skills in real life:

  • 4 x 90-minute online sessions using Zoom
  • Weekly assignment & tool for coaching practice.
  • Optional matching with a fellow participant for in between session practice.
  • Optional FB online learning community.