Coaching Skills Training

Coach skills can be invaluable tools for people in many different areas of influence and applied to your context as a leader, manager, consultant, colleague, romantic partner, parent, teacher, or friend.

These trainings equip you with the coaching mindset and skills that enhance your ability to:

  • Build trust and cultivate connection
  • Motivate and create momentum
  • Generate ideas and expansive solutions
  • Stimulate deeper learning and transformative growth
  • And actually reach the goals you want to reach.

Coaching is not another task to add to your already busy schedule. It is an approach to interacting. A mindset. A life-giving way of leading.

I offer two variations on this theme.

The Coaching Workshop

This training, originally developed by Dr. Keith Webb based on his book The COACH Model, is a coaching techniques workshop for leaders and individuals wanting to learn professional level coaching skills, with the guiding principles and assumptions rooted in the Christian faith.

The REAL Coach Cycle

An open coach skills training I developed for creative business owners & consultants offering service-based solutions, and social impact professionals working for non-profit or social enterprises.

New dates and weblink with more information forthcoming. Please get in touch if you are interested and want to find out more.

Individual Leadership Coaching

As a leader you are required to provide vision, ensure alignment and cohesion among those you lead, and champion execution. You may need a place to process ideas, be challenged to see beyond your current perspective, or simply grow and develop in order to meet the demands of your position.

Assessment-based leadership coaching allows you to become aware of your own leadership style, develop areas of strength, and work through challenges to help you create vision, build alignment, and encourage execution in your organisation.